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Syncfusion.SfChart.XForms Namespace : RangeColumnSeries Class

RangeColumnSeries Class

Represents a range column chart. To render this chart, create an instance of this class and add it to SfChart.Series collection property and set the required properties.
Object Model
RangeColumnSeries ClassChartColorModel ClassChartCornerRadius StructureChartDataMarker ClassChartAxis ClassRangeAxisBase Class
public class RangeColumnSeries : RangeSeriesBase, Xamarin.Forms.IElementController  
RangeColumnSeries requires ChartSeries.ItemsSource, ChartSeries.XBindingPath, RangeSeriesBase.High and RangeSeriesBase.Low properties to be set to render the chart. This series also requires x-axis and y-axis to be explicitly set either using SfChart.PrimaryAxis and SfChart.SecondaryAxis or CartesianSeries.XAxis and CartesianSeries.YAxis.
SfChart chart = new  SfChart();
chart.PrimaryAxis = new NumericalAxis();
chart.SecondaryAxis = new NumericalAxis();
RangeColumnSeries series = new RangeColumnSeries();
ObservableCollection<ChartDataPoint> Data = new ObservableCollection<ChartDataPoint>
  new ChartDataPoint(10, 873.8, 878.85, 855.5, 860.5),
  new ChartDataPoint(20, 861, 868.4, 835.2, 843.45),
  new ChartDataPoint(30, 846.15, 853, 838.5, 847.5),
  new ChartDataPoint(40, 846, 860.75, 841, 855)
series.ItemsSource = Data;
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Syncfusion.SfChart.XForms: 16.4451.0.52

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