The WPicture type exposes the following members.


Public methodWPicture
Initializes a new instance of the WPicture class.



Public propertyAlternativeText
Gets the alternative text.
Public propertyEntityType
Gets the type of the entity.
(Overrides Entity..::..EntityType.)
Public propertyHeight
Gets / sets picture height.
Public propertyHeightScale
Gets / sets picture height scale factor in percent.
Public propertyHorizontalAlignment
Gets / sets picture horizontal alignment.
Public propertyHorizontalOrigin
Gets \ sets horizontal origin of the picture.
Public propertyHorizontalPosition
Gets \ sets absolute horizontal position of the picture.
Public propertyImage
Gets internal System.Drawing.Image object.
Public propertyImageBytes
Gets image byte array.
Public propertyIsBelowText
Gets \ sets whether picture is below image.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name.
Public propertyTextWrappingStyle
Gets \ sets text wrapping style of the picture.
Public propertyTextWrappingType
Gets \ sets text wrapping type of the picture.
Public propertyTitle
Gets the picture title.
Public propertyVerticalAlignment
Gets / sets picture vertical alignment.
Public propertyVerticalOrigin
Gets \ sets absolute horizontal position of the picture.
Public propertyVerticalPosition
Gets \ sets absolute vertical position of the picture.
Public propertyVisible
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this WPicture is Visible.
Public propertyWidth
Gets / sets picture width.
Public propertyWidthScale
Gets / sets picture width scale factor in percent.

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